Avv. Massimiliano Motta
managing partner

He is a lawyer in the Italian Supreme Courts; he has extensive experience in the field of commercial and corporate law and contract law in general. It operates mainly in the areas of consulting and litigation, assisting well-known multinationals companies.

Avv. Antonio Fulvio Amati
managing partner

He is a lawyer specialized in civil litigation, extrajudicial consultancy and company contracts. It represents companies operating in the energy sector, packaging, food, editorial, health, steel and telecommunications both national and multinational, providing them with judicial and out-of-court assistance.

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Avv. Valerio Romano
managing partner

He has significant experience in the field of Banking Law, bankruptcy law and bankruptcy proceedings, providing assistance to companies and institutions operating in these sectors. He is a lawyer in the Italian Supreme Courts.

Avv. Marco Sozio
managing partner

He has extensive experience in the field of company law, as well as tax and insurance law. He is a lawyer in the Italian Supreme Courts; operates mainly in the areas of litigation and consultancy, in the field of agency law, assisting well- known and renowned Italian companies and agents / representatives, operating above all in the large retail sectors.

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Dott.ssa Anita Ciuffardi

She graduated in law from the University of Florence and is responsible for the administrative and functional management of the firm. She has the task of coordinating the various figures that interact on the individual practice and of keeping the ranks of the whole bureaucratic and organizational part of the office.

Responsible for the web and social media sector.

Avv. Francesco Coin

It has twenty years of experience in the field of commercial and contractual law, both in litigation and out of court, and currently operates mainly as a consultant for companies and individuals in the FinTech, Blockchain and Criptovalute sectors.

Avv. Gianluca Lastoria

He has gained considerable experience in banking law, financial law, corporate law and debt collection and management of difficult-to-collect credit portfolios. He provides advice and assistance in disputes relating to derivative contracts (Swaps, Bonds, Futures, etc.); the execution of bank contracts for the granting of credit to individuals and businesses, with particular regard to disputes concerning the economic conditions applied to current accounts and loan agreements.

Avv. Umberto Fabris

He carries out consultancy and assistance activities in civil law, addressing companies and associative structures, which he assists in negotiations and contracts, and in court, also in matters of banking and bankruptcy law, and in credit law.


Avv. Marco Traetta

He carries out consultancy activities in civil law, for individuals and companies, both in litigation and out of court. Expert in tnc litigation and telecommunications law, he carries out assistance and representation activities in judgments before the Guarantor Authorities.


Avv. Alessandro Corsi

Expert in the TLC and TV sector thanks to thirty years of experience gained in prestigious companies as head of legal and regulatory affairs, in Telecom Italia, Fastweb, Wind, 3- H3G, Sky, Stream and Rai. Among his competences also the regulation of the internet world, gaming, commercial law (advertising contracts, trademarks and patents, franchising, store openings in shopping centers, copyright, industrial law, antitrust law, agency law)

Avv. Gigliola Savastano

Expert in family and minors law, enrolled in the register of lawyers authorized to be appointed as public defenders and / or special trustees of minors in civil and criminal proceedings at the Juvenile Court. She practices the legal profession, dealing with disputes and issues related to these issues. During her experience she has sponsored numerous cases of adoptions, custody of minors, right of visit, disavowal and / or recognition of minors, emancipation, limitation of parental authority, child support, relationships between cohabitants, separations and divorces (both judicial and consensual ), succession, family business and more.

Avv. Marco Bellato

He deals with civil law, with particular regard to debt collection matters, civil executions for securities, third parties, and real estate, contracts, compensation for damages from breach of contract and from tort, condominium, family law, separations, divorces, commercial law and labour, consumer law and out-of-court conciliation procedures, arbitration mediation, assisted negotiation.