Credit protection

Mass credit collection

M.A.R.S. specializes in legal services for the massive recovery of non-performing loans.

The Firm is made up of several teams of professionals with many years of experience (lawyers, negotiators and para-lawyers) able to manage every phase of the process of processing the practices both in the out-of-court (amicable settlement) and judicial (monitor, executive, merit, insolvency, over-indebtedness) field.

Each Team is dedicated to a specific mandate: the Firm operates in total synergy with our clients, sharing ad hoc strategies to maximize revenues and reduce management costs.

The Firm, with a large group of collaborators and a network of as many domiciliary professionals distributed throughout the country, counts among its clients leading companies operating nationally and internationally and is able to ensure its services in all national courts.

M.A.R.S. Law Firm, has signed a commercial partnership agreement focused on the judicial and extrajudicial recovery of portfolios of receivables: small tickets and unsecured on behalf of financial, utilities and corporates with NCP Enterprise brand of Studio Luzzi & Associati S.r.l. – a leading player in the market  of out-of-court phone collection, data remediation, reporting and portfolio management, the servicer plays the role of control room of the legal actions that are entrusted to the lawyers of M.A.R.S. Law Firm. 

The partnership also includes Confidence Investigazioni S.r.l., so the team is able to cover the entire credit protection chain.

Credit management

The Firm supports its Clients in the management of loan portfolios originated by banks and other financial institutions.

It is an articulated process that consists of multiple obligations that start from an in-depth analysis a) of the debtor’s economic and financial consistency, b) of the nature and seniority of the credit and c) of any related guarantees.

On the basis of this targeted investigation, the Firm identifies the most profitable recovery strategy, preferring the out-of-court approach that allows the collection to be achieved in compliance with the timing of the business plan.

Finally, in the event of failure to settle an amicable settlement, M.A.R.S.’s loan managers work alongside and support the lawyers in charge of judicial activity until their completion. All this through operational procedures based on the acceleration of collection times and the optimization of management procedures.

With specific reference to this profile, M.A.R.S. operates on the basis of customized procedures based on customer needs, ensuring constant updating on the status of positions.

Due diligence

Since its inception, the Firm has supported Italian and foreign banks and investors in the implementation of projects aimed at the valuation of non-performing loans, gaining over time a consolidated experience in the sector.

The use of advanced technologies, the dynamic and proactive approach of highly specialized lawyers, accountants and technicians, as well as the utmost care and attention paid to the specific needs of individual clients characterize M.A.R.S.’s way of operating and the ability to offer “due diligence” in the examination of each portfolio.

M.A.R.S. offers each customer a wide range of services to fully cover the necessary support in the sale/acquisition processes of NPEs, whether secured or unsecured, all through an end-to-end logic that can be adapted to any emerging need.

From the examination of the individual position, to the evaluation of the amounts of the guarantees, up to the drafting of precise Business Plans and participation in the final Roll-ups, the Firm is able to follow each investor, supporting him at every moment of the operation, up to its conclusion.

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